Bristol North and South TaeKwon-Do

Applied TaeKwon-Do DVD: Volume 1

Bristol South Grading Award

This DVD starts with a drill that uses a practical block (that is hidden within the TaeKwon-Do techniques) against punches, pushes and grabs.

It continues with alternative applications to techniques taken from patterns Chon-Ji, Dan Gun, Do San, Won-Hyo and Yul Gok and a few techniques from other patterns. It concludes with the 'What If' drill which demonstrates ideas on what to do when a technique DOESN'T work!

This material provides a useful supplement to standard TaeKwon-Do training; why look to other martial arts to broaden your repertoire when there is so much available in the patterns which you already practice?

Review by: Mr Mark Randall

Date of Review: 05/10/2012

"As an ex student of Mr Martin currently training in Norwich I eagerly ordered the new applied TKD DVD Vol 1. As expected it was just what I needed to add depth to my pattern training and Taekwondo. The DVD is packed with information and useful, sensible street practical alternative applications to our pattern movements. It is professionally presented, well lit and the applications are shown from different angles, and in close up and with annotations. I can not recommend this DVD enough to all TKD (and Karate) practitioners. Thanks for making them and I look forward to Vol 2."

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